Small Animal Services

Cats & Dogs:

Examinations, both routine and for illness/injury
Vaccinations & other preventive medicine
Bloodwork, including in-house pre-anaesthetic screening
Urine collection and analysis
Microscopic cytology for ear swabs, fine needle aspirates, and more

Internal & External parasite identification



Spaying & Neutering
Soft tissue surgeries, such as gastrointestinal foreign body removals, cystotomies, and lump removals
Tissue repair and bandaging for things such as torn dewclaws or wounds
Dentistry, including extractions
Fluid therapy
Much more!​

Large Animal Services


Herd Health Programs

Reproduction Management (reproductive protocol consultations)

Vaccination Protocol Consultations

Calving Complications

Surgical Services

Calf Scour Treatment and Management

Milk Cultures 

In House Antibiotic Residue Testing


In House Fecal Analysis

After Hours On-Call Service


Physical Examinations, both routine and for illness/injury

Vaccinations and Deworming

Reproductive Health

Complete Oral Exams

Power Float

Diagnostic Workup including bloodwork and in house fecal analysis

Coggins Testing

Export & Health Certificates

Equine Castrations

Wound Repairs


Small Ruminant Medicine

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